Branded Telescopic flags

Full colour print
Eye catching
Single or double sided print
Wind resistant
Portable / easy to transport

Telescopic flags are also commonly known as feather banners and are printed in full colour on imvusa lining. These outdoor banners is the perfect way to attract the right kind of attention.

Our feather banners or telescopic flags are available in standard sizes such as the following:

  • Small Telescopic flag – 2m x 620mm
  • Medium Telescopic flag – 3m x 620mm
  • Large Telescopic flag – 4m x 620mm

Telescopic Banners or flags are very popular for any sort of outdoor event that you can think of. They are highly attractive and visible and therefore are often the preferred branding of choice among event organizers compared to other types of banners. Our Telescopic banners are extremely durable, versatile, cost effective and can be used as a stand-alone banner or in a cluster, depending on your requirements.

With quality and prices hard to beat, we can offer you what you need for your upcoming event.

Apart from being very attractive, these telescopic banners are also water proof and can withstand the different elements like rain, wind and the sun – there is in fact no need to worry about unexpected weather changes as our product will still be in great condition and get the job done.

The telescopic banner comes complete with 25mm aluminium poles and a 16mm ground spike all fitted into a handy carry bag that you can easily transport with you. The flag is printed single sided, a double-sided flag is also available on special request. The Telescopic and feather banners are great for golf day branding, beach events, marathons, racing and all outdoor events.


  • Full branded telescopic flags
  • Easy to fold telescopics
  • Telescopics are light weight
  • Easy to store and transport
  • They are also known as event flags
  • Concrete or plastic dome bases can also be supplied with telescopic flags

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